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Fun & Fast

Kikico is a fun and fast way to randomly select a person from a group of two or more.

No more rock-paper-scissors or drawing straws; you launch the app and instantly know, for example:

  • - Who starts in a board game?
  • - Who organizes the next team lunch?
  • - Who pays the bill?
  • - Who takes out the trash?
  • - Who drives?


Kikico offers over 300 completely random suggestions. There's something for everyone.

You can choose a category to match the people you are with and your current need:

  • - CLASSIC, simple and effective.
  • - CHALLENGE if your group is competitive at heart!
  • - SPECIAL COUPLE to play with your significant other.
  • + Many other event-themed categories based on the time of the year.

Simple & Free

Kikico is free, without subscription, ad-free. And the best part? We don't collect any personal data.

Simply download the application. No account creation, no information to fill out, the app loads in less than a second, whether you are on 5G or lost in the mountains without a connection.