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Wordhunt is the ultimate party game for evenings with friends, family gatherings, or even vacations. The goal is simple: get your team to guess as many words or phrases as possible before the timer runs out.

You can play with just one phone that you pass between each turn.


On iOS devices, everyone can play online on their phone, whether in the same room or across the world, using FaceTime, Discord, or any other means of communication.

1, 800+ CARDS

You'll definitely find a theme that matches your interests. The app offers a wide selection that is constantly updated, referring to both local and international culture.

You can mix and match them to your heart's content without ever getting bored.
Let general knowledge and everyone's expertise shine through for moments of sharing and conviviality.

You can also create your own cards for an even more personalized game!


It's up to you to decide the number of teams, words, rounds you want! Absolutely everything is customizable, from the duration of the timer to the right to pass or not the cards, not to mention the words you enter or the themes you select.

Play as you feel! You can describe the card or make a charade out of it, give just one hint word, mime or act it out, sing or hum, make sound effects, strike a pose, or even invent your own rules.

To top it off: discover your incredible statistics at the end of the game. For example, pinpoint the word that gave you the most trouble, and many other surprises.